Hankook AH11 and DH05+ Two Hankook tyres selected as original equipment for the Atego. - Photo credits ©: Hankook

Korean tyre manufacturer Hankook has something to smile about. Mercedes-Benz has chosen them as original equipment supplier for its Atego Euro VI model.

The German manufacturer has opted for a partnership with Hankook and its medium haul tyres, the AH11 (steer axle) and the DH05+ (drive axle) for a specific fitment. A good move that Hankook hopes will stimulate its growth in the premium truck market, particularly in the high-end European market.

“The continuous development of our premium products followed by our selection as original equipment supplier to Mercedes-Benz Trucks is yet another critical proof point of our strong brand and advanced technological capability. In particular, it documents our undisputed high end product quality,” said Mr. Ho-Youl Pae, Managing Director of Hankook Tire Europe.

It is the performance aspect that has guided the development of the AH11 and DH05+. Engineers have focused their research on reducing rolling resistance and providing excellent traction and high wet braking abilities.

Hankook AH11 on the Atego Photo credits ©: Hankook

On the AH11, work has focused on making the shoulders wider and stiffer to improve stability. The tread pattern has been optimised for driving in wet conditions.Stepped ribs and wide shoulders improve handling and driving safety.

As for the DH05+, it is an ultra versatile tyre that has been developed with minimumperformance alterations in mind, for both driving and braking capabilities, on any road surface and in any weather conditions. Deep grooves ensurestrong traction, explains the tyre manufacturer. With its wider tread and pattern designed to reduce noise emissions,while avoiding uneven wear, Hankook guarantees a higher mileage.

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