Michelin X Multi Winter T/Z The Michelin X Multi Winter T and Z: two new tyres and two innovations - Photo credits ©: Michelin

For Michelin, new products sometimes come in pairs. Indeed, the Clermont Ferrand based tyre manufacturer is proposing not one, but two new X Multi Winter tyres, with the watchword: innovation.

The X Multi Winter T (385/65 R 22.5) trailer axle tyre, the winter version of the X Multiway, plays the fuel economy card. Its secret weapon: Carbion, “an innovative material that maximises mileage potential through a better resistance to abrasion”, has a lower operating temperature thana standard compound. Less dissipated heat, means a lower rolling resistance, and therefore fuel savings which Michelin estimates to be up to 0.7 litres per 100 km.

The X Multi Winter T also offers “innovative and progressive siping”. As the first layer of sipes wear, they gradually narrow down to protect the tread, explains Michelin. Then a second layer of “double well” sipes are exposed whose role is to maintain grip. The 3PMSF symbol indicates X Multi Winter T tyres are certified for use in winter. For its label, the tyre scores a C for fuel economyA for grip on slippery surfaces and two waves (70 dB).


The Michelin X Multi Winter Z (295/80 R 22.5) is an all-position tyre. Like the X Multi Winter T, this tyre is suitable for both national and regional operations. It is characterised by an “Infinicoil” structure that, thanks to a continuous steel cable around the entire crown block, increases the load carrying capacity, up to 7.5 tonnes across an axle.

Also marked with the M+S and 3PMSF symbols, the tread design, with double wave sipes in the tread blocks, provides regular wear throughout the tyre’s entire life. Furthermore, sipes interlock in the tread blocks to reduce their movement and improve handling when braking and cornering. On icy roads, Michelin says that stopping distances are 5% shorter than with its own Michelin XFN tyre.

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