Michelin Tire Care The new Michelin Tire Care solutions for better monitoring and management of truck tyres - Photo credits ©: Michelin

Once again, Michelin proves its position as an innovation leader by developing the Tire Care solution. A solution developed for hauliers allowing them to precisely monitor the state of tyres in their fleet and potentially make significant savings.

The Clermont Ferrand based tyre manufacturer has developed the Tire Care solutions for hauliers to optimise the tyre factor in the management of their fleet.

Indeed, Michelin’s solution is based on the observation that for many hauliers, the exploitation made of their tyres was far from ideal:

  • Most of the tyres removed from vehicles still had an average of 4.8 mm of tread whereas regulations allow 1 to 2 mm (can vary depending on the country).It is estimated that one millimetre of rubber equates to between 15 000 and 20 000 lost kilometres. The shortfall is enormous according to Michelin, who consider that in this context, the dedicated budget would improve by 15%.
  • According to ADAC, 1/3 of truck breakdowns are related to a problem with tyres. 90% of them could be avoided with efficient monitoring of the inflation pressure. Not forgetting the extra fuel consumption due to under-inflation.
  • Manual checks are long and tedious. 


Three applications to address these needs

Michelin Tire Care comes in the form of interfaces that can be used via a Smartphone, a PC or a tablet and which address the various needs mentioned above through three different offers:

  • TireLog:

This free application, available for Smartphone (iPhone or Android), is for hauliers managing less than 20 vehicles in their fleet. TireLog is a tyre maintenance logbook which provides access to the individual monitoring of each casing and as a result, allows maintenance operations to be managed with precision (regrooving, etc.) and provides an accompaniment for tyre changes.

Available on GooglePlay and the AppStore.

Michelin Tire Care Smartphone application Photo credits ©: Michelin

  • iCheck :

This solution, intended for larger fleets, aims to simplify all work performed on tyres and in particular, inspections. iCheck comes with a carrying case and a solution providing a complete tyre check (tread depths, etc). It is linked to a tool that provides a complete status of the fleet and allows hauliers to easily coordinate operations to be carried out in the workshop.

As a result, iCheck can improve the profitability of each set of tyres.

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Michelin Tire Care iCheck Photo credits ©: Michelin

  • iManage:

Developed for a large fleet of vehicles, this solution is the most complete andis for hauliers who have their own maintenance workshop. iManage provides the  total traceability of each tyre identified by means of an electronic chip. The strength of iManage lies in its ability to provide the haulier with factual information about his activity and above all, his profitability.

The direct objectives of this monitoring are to optimise fuel consumption and improve tyre longevity

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Michelin Tire Care iManage Photo credits ©: Michelin

Michelin is offering you the day of your dreams

For the launch of its TireLog application, Michelin is organising a contest where you can win the day of your dreams by simply describing it to take part.

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