Goodyear’s FuelMax Range Goodyear’s new Fuelmax and KMax ranges offer a lower rolling resistance and optimised mileage performance - Photo credits ©: All rights reserved

Goodyear has launched two new truck tyre ranges in response to two major concerns for road hauliers: The rolling resistance and mileage potential of tyres.

KMax for durability

The KMax range (for “maximum mileage”), designed for short or regional haul operations, includes the KMax S for steer axles, the KMax D for drive axles  andthe KMax T for trailers.

The KMax S features Goodyear’s IntelliMax technology with special bridges between centre ribs to lower the tyre’s rolling resistance by reducing tread block deformation and offers improved grip on wet roads. The highertreadprofile stiffnessensures an even distribution of pressure for enhanced durability. The grooves have been designed to effectively clear water and minimise stone retention.

The KMax D features IntelliMax Tread technology comprising a dual layer treadcompound where the bottom compound ensures a low rolling resistance and the top compound ensures a higher mileage potential. The V-shaped tread is designed to give the KMax D better traction, while reducing rolling noise, whereas 3D blades improve handling and durability.  


FuelMax for rolling resistance

The FuelMax range, designed for regional and long haul operations, plays the fuel efficiency card. The FuelMax S and D offer up to 10% improved rolling resistance compared with their predecessors, the Marathon LHS II+ and LHD II+.

Like the KMax D, the FuelMax D relies on a directional tread, with raindrop shaped Flexomatic blades and semi-open shoulders, to improve traction and reduce noise levels. Its low rolling resistance is due to a high net to gross ratio and a low tread depth that, according to Goodyear, does not undermine the FuelMax D’s mileage potential.

The FuelMax S IntelliMax grooves are based on a special manufacturing technique. The tyre has a “hidden” tread that only appears when it is 50% worn. Three other grooves appear in addition to the three initial grooves, thus compensating the reduced tread depth by a higher net to gross ratio. When 75% worn, four ribs remain to ensure wet grip performance until the FuelMax S reaches the end of its service life.

The KMax D and FuelMax D are all season tyres and carry the M+S and 3PMSF markings. Certain KMax S and FuelMax S tyres are designed to withstand heavy loads, in anticipation of additional equipment required by the Euro VI standard.

By Renaud Lacroix


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