Tread design of the Goodyear Marathon Coach Tread design of the Goodyear Marathon Coach - Photo credits ©: All rights reserved

For the first time, Goodyear is entering a new market by launching a range of tyres designed for coaches. The Marathon Coach incorporates the TravelMax technology designed to improve mileage potential, lower the rolling resistance and offer optimum handling in wet and dry conditions.

Goodyear equips coaches with the Marathon Coach

With the Marathon Coach, Goodyear is introducing a new all position tyre for coaches used for long haul and intercity applications. The American tyre manufacturer announces a higher mileage potential thanks to a combination of technologies grouped under the name TravelMax. The asymmetric tread design with ribs at the shoulders ensures even wear and a better resistance to tread cracks. They also help improve wet grip, just like the Flexomatic3D blades on tread blocks at the centre. These two elements have allowed the Marathon Coach to achieve a B-rating for wet grip on the EU tyre label. Its low rolling resistance gets a second B, mainly due to its wide tread and the Silefex tread compound featuring a new silica blend and natural rubber. The wide tread offers a higher mileage potential, improved handling and even tread wear.

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