Continental EcoPlus HD3 Conti EcoPlus HD3, two new tyres with an optimised tread - Photo credits ©: Continental

As part of Continental’s Generation 3 launch strategy which will run until 2016, two new tyres have arrived on the market. Designed for motorway and long-distance transportation, the Continental EcoPlus HS3 and HD3 respectively replace the HSL and HDL.

Designed for steer and drive axles, the Continental EcoPlus HS3 and HD3 each offer significant improvements in terms of rolling resistance. As such, the HD3 improves rolling resistance by up to 16 % whereas the HS3 is reduced by8 %. This performance allows them to achieve a B rating for fuel efficiency on the European tyre label.

Furthermore, the HD3 reduces external rolling noise by 4 %, whereas the HS3 improves its wet grip performance by 5 %.

To meet these new specifications, Continental has designed a new two-layer tread that not only gives the tyre a longer service life but also improves rolling resistance,thanks to a modified base compound.

On the HS3, the tread and sipes have also been redesigned to increase the load-carrying capacity and improve water displacement. On the HD3, the effort has focused on the shoulders whose wide blocks optimise the footprint and reduce tyre deformation. Chamfered edges of contours also reduce the deformation amplitude in the sidewall and bead area.

The sidewallshave been redesigned to easily identify the new generation 3. Besides the application icons, the goods range features slightly stepped rings and forward directed serrations. Note that the Continental EcoPlus HD3 is marked with the 3PMSF symbol.

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