The City Service HA3 and HD3 for the recycling sector The City Service HA3 and HD3, two retreaded tyres from Continental - Photo credits ©: Continental

Reaping the benefits of the ContiLifeCycle strategy for which a dedicated retreading plant was built in Hanover in May 2012, German tyre manufacturer Continental is launching two new hot retreaded ContiRe CityService tyres developed for vehicles collecting household waste and transporting it to recycling centres for disposal.

The ContiRe CityService HA3 (all axle positions) is designed to meet the tough challenges facing this sector. Flexibility and robustness are the key features of this tyre. The compound is especially resistant to cuts, tears and kerb damage, which this hot retreaded tyre is subjected to throughout its life.

According to Continental, the Conti CityService HA3 is an example in terms of recycling and sustainability. It also reduces the energy resources required to produce it by around 70%.

The ContiRe CityService HD3 (drive axle) delivers maximum traction in demanding environments. With its non-directional tread and reinforced sidewalls, it can be used on both sides of the axle. Like the HA3, it is equipped with stone ejectors to prevent premature rubber fatigue and tie-bars to improve stability when cornering.

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