Bridgestone Ecopia H Trailer 001 Ecopia is the most economical range developed by Bridgestone for long-haul transportation - Photo credits ©: Bridgestone

Presented last year at the Reifen International Tyre Fair at Essen, the new generation of Ecopia tyres is the most economical truck tyre range ever developed by Bridgestone for long-haul transportation.

Lower rolling resistance for the new Ecopia family

The new Ecopia range from Bridgestone marks a significant step forward in lowering rolling resistance for the long distance transport of passengers and goods. The Ecopia family includes the H-Steer (steer axle or all position), the H-Trailer (trailer axle) and the H-Drive (drive axle), all three flanked with the code 001.

All three incorporate Bridgestone’s exclusive NanoPro-Tech technology which reduces energy losses inside the tyre and therefore improves rolling resistance. As such, for the H-Steer 001 and H-Drive 001, rolling resistance is respectively 18.9% and 26.5% lowerthan the previous Ecopia generation, according to an independent group study conducted by TÜV SÜD Automotive. Likewise, the H-Trailer 001 offers superior levels of performance than its predecessor, the R109 Ecopia. According to Bridgestone, the combination of these three tyres on a same rig can bring fuel savings of up to 5 %.

The H-Steer 001 and H-Trailer 001 also feature a waved belt which increases casing stability and durability, to offer a higherload capability in long haul transportation. According to the European tyre labelling, the tyres have obtained a B grade for rolling resistance and a C for wet grip.

The H-Drive 001’s longevity is ensured by the “Tie-Bar” technology, tie-bars between the tread blocks in the shoulder area that promote even wear for a longer tyre life. It has achieved a C grade for rolling resistance and wet grip.

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