Goodyear releases its new winter tyre: the Ultra Grip Max

Goodyear Ultra Grip Max: a tough 3PMSF tyre

By Alexandre Lenoir - 18/11/2015 - Products and services

Goodyear's new Ultra Grip Max winter tyre has passed 3PMSF (Three Peaks Mountain Snow Flak...

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Michelin Tire Care

Michelin Tire Care, digital solutions for fleets

By Julien Taillandier - 22/10/2015 - Products and services

Once again, Michelin proves its position as an innovation leader by developing the Tire Ca...

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Sava Cargo 4: versatile truck tyre

Sava Cargo 4, a versatile tyre for trailers

By Alexandre Lenoir - 15/08/2015 - Products and services

Subsidiary of the American tyre manufacturer Goodyear, the Slovenian brand Sava completes ...

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Hankook & Cargobull

Hankook and Schmitz Cargobull roll together for long haul transport

By Alexandre Lenoir - 07/08/2015 - The world of transport

Korean tyre manufacturer Hankook and Europe’s leading truck trailer manufacturer Schmitz C...

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Nokian NTR 52, an all season tyre

NTR 52, a more durable all season tyre

By Alexandre Lenoir - 01/08/2015 - Products and services

Nokian Heavy Tyres is launching the Nokian NTR 52 steer tyre, an all season tyre for truck...

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Firestone tyres, FS422 , FD622 and FT522

Firestone: a new, more efficient range

By Alexandre Lenoir - 10/06/2015 - Products and services

Launched in style at the Reifen Essen show in summer 2014, the new generation of Firestone...

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MAN trucks equipped by Hankook

Hankook’s e-cube MAX selected as original equipment for MAN trucks

By Alexandre Lenoir - 25/05/2015 - Products and services

Korean tyre manufacturer Hankook is thriving. Indeed, before the spring, Hankook is set to...

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The City Service HA3 and HD3 for the recycling sector

Continental ContiRe: as good as new

By Alexandre Lenoir - 20/05/2015 - Products and services

Reaping the benefits of the ContiLifeCycle strategy for which a dedicated retreading plant...

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Continental Scandinavia HDW

Continental’s Scandinavia range of winter tyres plays the experience card

By Alexandre Lenoir - 15/04/2015 - Products and services

Designed based on years of experience gained in Nordic countries, tyre manufacturer Contin...

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Michelin X Multi Winter T/Z

Michelin X Multi Winter T and X Multi Winter Z

By Alexandre Lenoir - 20/03/2015 - Products and services

For Michelin, new products sometimes come in pairs. Indeed, the Clermont Ferrand based tyr...

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Michelin X Line Energy AAA

The Michelin X Line Energy earns a “Triple A” rating

By Peter - 04/02/2015 - Products and services

The Michelin X Line Energy has earned an excellent rating for rolling resistance on all ty...

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Hankook AH11 and DH05+

OEM partnership between Hankook and Mercedes-Benz!

By John - 03/02/2015 - Products and services

Korean tyre manufacturer Hankook has something to smile about. Mercedes-Benz has chosen th...

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Pressure surveillance system

If tyres could talk…

By Renaud Lacroix - 29/01/2015 - Technology

To increase durability and lower the rolling resistance of its new truck tyres, Michelin h...

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Continental EcoPlus HD3

Continental EcoPlus HS3 and HD3: a new duo delivering more performance

By Peter - 28/01/2015 - Products and services

As part of Continental’s Generation 3 launch strategy which will run until 2016, two new t...

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Scania Watch

Video: presentation of the Scania Watch

By Peter - 08/01/2015 - Technology

Truck manufacturer Scania introduces a groundbreaking innovation to the market: a connecte...

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Bridgestone U-AP001 bus

U-AP 001, Bridgestone’s new all-purpose urban tyre

By John - 06/01/2015 - Products and services

Exit the R-192, the name given to Bridgestone’s new urban tyre for buses and coaches is U-...

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Lotus truck jump

New record for the Lotus Formula 1 team: 25.3 metres!

By John - 28/11/2014 - The world of transport

25.3 metres: that’s the length Mike Ryan, the Terminator 2 stuntman has jumped with the Lo...

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Volvo FH versus Koenigsegg One

A Volvo FH challenges a Koenigsegg on the race track

By John - 19/11/2014 - The world of transport

The Swedish truck manufacturer has issued a daring challenge to local supercar manufacture...

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Goodyear’s FuelMax Range

Goodyear launches two new tyre ranges for fuel efficiency and durability

27/02/2014 - Products and services

Goodyear has launched two new truck tyre ranges in response to two major concerns for road...

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Michelin X Line Energy Range

Michelin X Line Energy, a line that tends towards savings

12/02/2014 - Products and services

In these times of crisis, where the truck sector is particularly hard hit in Western Europ...

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