Traceability: tracking truck tyres

Casing management: traceability, a sustainable tracking solution

By Alexandre Lenoir - Tyre optimisation

Retreading offers many economic and ecological advantages. Individual tracking of casings ...

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Casing management: the life cycle issue for tyres

By Alexandre Lenoir - Tyre optimisation

In the field of road transport, casing management determines whether a tyre can start a ne...

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Install hammer flyweight balancing

Why tyre balancing is important

When a tyre is fitted to a rim, balancing is a common but essential operation. Correcting ...

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Tyre rotation

Two ways to make your tyres last longer

Tyre wear is inevitable. Even if wheels are correctly balanced and aligned and the tyre pr...

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Alignment of truck tyres

Alignment at the best angle

Although alignment concerns the wheel and the vehicle’s mechanical components that support...

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Hot retreading

Two retreading processes for the same rejuvenating treatment

By only replacing the tread, retreading is the cost-effective way to prolong tyre life. Tw...

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Regrooving a tyre

Regrooving: a solution to prolong tyre life

The word “regrooving” itself is quite explicit: it describes the operation in which a trea...

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Give tyres a new lease of life to reduce spending

It’s said that a cat has nine lives. Truck tyres have up to six, which is a good start tow...

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Inflating a tyre

Economy and safety: think about tyre pressures

Even more so than on a passenger car, truck tyres are constantly subjected to tough condit...

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