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Previously managed within the company, fleet tyre management is increasingly being outsourced. Generally proposed by tyre manufacturers or the specialists themselves, these services tend to be more complete.

Tyres are their business

Drive, we’ll take care of the rest! Like a slogan, this phrase could easily be the main argument for fleet management services.  In addition to being a constraint, tyres are a burden. Their cost, from 135£ to over 850£ per tyre (i.e. potentially over 8500£ per truck), justifies that close attention be paid to them today. Tyres involve a number of vital tasks that many road hauliers simply no longer have the time to do. Yet, the sound management of tyres results in serious savings. Savings on the tyre budget itself, but also on vehicle maintenance, and above all fuel costs.


Per service invoicing

This is the simplest form of contract. The service provider intervenes at the request of the fleet operator and the operation is then invoiced based on a pre-defined price schedule. Ideally, this type of contract should offer a single monthly invoice which details each operation carried out, regardless of where it was carried out in the network.


Fleet monitoring

In this type of contract, the service provider fully inspects the fleet at regular intervals in order to take preventive action against risks and offer services tailored to the situation. Depending on the type of contract and the service provider chosen, statistics and  on-line reports may be available for the fleet operator in real time.   


Fixed fee per vehicle registration document

Designed to make cash management easier, the fixed fee per registration document means fleet operators know the exact amount they need to set aside in advance for tyres and their management, vehicle by vehicle.
To spread the cost, most service providers propose that this amount be paid on a monthly basis, and if necessary, adjusted at the end of the year.


Mileage based maintenance

This is the ultimate service offer, where the fleet operator is invoiced based on the number of miles his tyres have driven. The service provider - tyre manufacturer or dealer – becomes the sole operator for the tyres, which are, in fact, leased to the fleet operator.

Depending on the size of the company, the type of journeys and the number of miles driven, a vast choice of services are now available for fleet operators to manage their tyre fleet. To differentiate their offers, service providers are increasingly committed: Fuel savings with Michelin Solutionsreal time monitoring of tyre pressures and /or temperatures with Bridgestone, Pirelli, or Michelin… According to Michelin, this type of service can even turn a barely profitable company into a thriving one.

By Alexandre Lenoir

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