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Fleet management has adapted to the age of networks. With these new online tools, professionals can check the state of their tyres on their entire fleet, at any time. As such, vehicle downtime and maintenance can be optimised and more easily planned.

How does it work?

As with a more traditional management approach, fleet management starts with the usualchecks and inspections (measuring tyre wear, checking tyre pressures, etc.). Readings, which are taken by technicians on a computer or mobile terminal, feed a database found on the service provider’s computer server.

By entering its personal access code, each carrier can then access all of his data and get a clear picture of the state of his fleet.

With this precise information, he is then able to plan all maintenance operations and recurrentdowntime in advance (regrooving, retreading, tyre rotation, replacement…). Online fleet management usually includes anassistance contract.


What are the advantages?

Information is centralised on a server and can be accessed at any time, even when roaming.
Centralised information provides an overview,giving a global picture of the state of the fleet and, if necessary, adapts the activity to any constraints highlighted during inspections.  
The publication of technical and financial reports provides monitoring of thefleet and the actions to be taken.
Delegating operations to a service provider reduces formalities and administrative management. Usually, a single point of contact ensures the interface between the carrier and maintenance workshops.
Contracts are executed in the same way in all countries covered by the service.
In addition to reducing downtime, the fleet manager also manages his cash flow more efficiently, only providing the sum that is required to correctly maintain the fleet.

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For whom?

Online fleet management is particularly suitable for professionals operating large fleets, or even geographically dispersed throughout the country or in Europe, and for which regular inspections are difficultto plan.


By whom?

Many tyre manufacturers and resellers offer online fleet management services, including:

Euromaster: The Fleet Tyre Management service offers various levels of outsourcing to manage the tyre fleet based on specifications defined with the carrier. In the Registration document package, the publication of reports offers professionals visibility as to the overall consumption of each of its vehicles.

 Goodyear  Dunlop: The FleetOnlineSolutions service uses Internet and covers the whole of Europe. The carrier can access online reports that provide him with full operational visibility. Interventions (regrooving, retreading, assistance…) can be carried out at any time and monthly invoicing simplifies management and reduces the number of transactions.

 Continental: The ContiFleetReporting contract provides all data relating to the state of the fleet and services, online and in real time: Products supplied and fitted, number of checks carried out, operations performed, assistance provided, cost of services provided…

Pirelli: The Fleet Solutions package includes several online management tools, including reporting on the cost of tyres and related services, updating of tyre stocks available at certain retailers, access to data for each vehicle type, centralised invoicing, etc.

By Alexandre Lenoir

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