In the Relay space of REZULTEO™ TRANSPORT

Relay is a forum where all users are invited to discuss, debate, share on the topic of heavy duty vehicle tyres in all friendliness. Relay is a shared space in which participants must adhere to certain rules of operation and usability.

Before reading the rules of good conduct, we invite you to read the general conditions of use of the REZULTEO™ TRANSPORT site.

The 4 golden rules so everything goes well

  1. Behind your screen, you behave as you behave in society. Politeness and respect are essential.
  2. The off-topic can drown information. Stay on the topic initiated in early conversation in order to prevent this.
  3. Proper spelling is sexy! Avoid writing in SMS language so that everyone can understand what you say. Also, it is not very pleasant for people to read.
  4. Never forget that the most important thing is that everyone understands you.

Respect these rules, as it permits the forum to stay active, user friendly and to provide good advice, all in good humour and respect for everyone.

Latest version March 2014