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  • 12/0 R20 154/150 K (156/150) G
  • 11/0 R22.5 148/145 K
  • 12/0 R22.5 152/148 K
  • 13/0 R22.5 154/150 K (156/150) G
  • 295/80 R22.5 152/148 K
  • 315/80 R22.5 156/150 K

rezulteo's product sheet

Tyre designed for mixed on/off-road and construction site applications, the Michelin XZY 2 all-position tyre offers optimum grip on roads or soft ground.


Robust. The abrasion-resistant compound and large shoulders provide more resistance to damage. Reinforced crown ply for more protection against damage and tears. The wide tread and a higher volume of rubber to wear improve mileage potential.

Safety. Deep, wide grooves and a better distribution of tread blocks ensure optimum grip on and off-road. Stability and precise handling on winding roads.

The rezulteo rating

The rezulteo rating of the Michelin XZY 2 tyre is an algorithm result which combines technical performance, service performance of the brand as well as the European tyre labelling.

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