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Steer, Driving, Trailer


  • long distance

  • regional use

  • coach

  • winter

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  • 275/70 R22.5 150/145 J
  • 295/80 R22.5 152/148 K
  • 295/80 R22.5 154/149 M
  • 315/70 R22.5 154/150 L
  • 315/80 R22.5 156/150 K
  • 315/80 R22.5 156/150 L
  • 385/55 R22.5 160 K (158) L
  • 385/65 R22.5 160 K

rezulteo's product sheet

Developed for harsh winter conditions, the Hankook SmartControl AW02 all-position tyre offers improved safety and longevity.


Safety. Designed for very low temperatures, the tread compound delivers high performance in tough winter conditions. The wide tread increases the contact area for additional safety. Zig-zag grooves provide optimum water drainage to offer extra protection against aquaplaning.

Winter. 3D kerfs and the half-open shoulder design create better traction on snow covered roads. 3PMSF and M+S marking.

Tyre life. Hankook SCCT technology, the even distribution of pressure in the tyre, and 3D kerfs promote even tread wear. 

The rezulteo rating

The Hankook SmartControl AW02 tyre is not yet rated by rezulteo transport.

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