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  • 11/0 R20 150/146 K
  • 12/0 R20 154/151 K (151/150) G
  • 11/0 R22 150/146 K
  • 11/0 R22.5 148/145 K
  • 295/80 R22.5 152/148 K
  • 365/70 R22.5 162 K
  • 445/65 R22.5 168 K
  • 12/0 R24 160/156 K

rezulteo's product sheet

Designed for on and off-road use, the Continental HSC is a resistant tyre for steer axles with a longer service life.


On/off-road use. The tread design makes driving easier on roads or on difficult terrain. This tyre can handle the challenges whatever the terrain.

Longevity. More mileage and a higher resistance to damage thanks to the tread compound specially designed for on/off road use and the tyre contour. The tough casing and reinforced belts offer a longer service life and good retreadability.   

The rezulteo rating

The rezulteo rating of the Continental HSC tyre is an algorithm result which combines technical performance, service performance of the brand as well as the European tyre labelling.

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