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  • 12/0 R20 154 G
  • 12/0 R22.5 152 K
  • 13/0 R22.5 154/150 K (156/150) G
  • 315/80 R22.5 154/150 K
  • 315/80 R22.5 156/150 K (154/150) M
  • 12/0 R24 156 G
  • 325/95 R24 162/160 K
  • 325/95 R24 162 G

rezulteo's product sheet

Designed for on and off road use, the Bridgestone L355 drive axle tyre has a robust casing and delivers optimum traction for construction site applications.


Traction. The aggressive tread design features deep transversal grooves to deliver high traction on soft ground.

Robust. An extra deep tread for an extended lifespan. The special tread compound and robust tread offer a high resistance to damage and cuts. The stone ejector system reduces the risk of stone drilling. Robust casing.

The rezulteo rating

The rezulteo rating of the Bridgestone L 355 tyre is an algorithm result which combines technical performance, service performance of the brand as well as the European tyre labelling.

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