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  • long distance

  • regional use

  • coach

  • winter

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  • 265/70 R19.5 140/138 M
  • 12/0 R22.5 152/148 L
  • 295/80 R22.5 152/148 M
  • 315/70 R22.5 152/148 L (154/150) K
  • 315/80 R22.5 154/150 M (156/150) L

rezulteo's product sheet

The Barum BD 22 drive axle tyre offers a good price/performance compromise for long and short-haul applications.  


Longevity. The optimised compound and wider tread increases this tyre's mileage potential. The wider contact area ensures more uniform wear.

Traction.  The inclined arrangement of tread blocks generates good traction. M+S marking for all season use.

The rezulteo rating

The Barum BD 22 tyre is not yet rated by rezulteo transport.

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