The sources


The sources used to establish the performance of a given tyre are:

  • Data from manufacturer's sites
  • Data from general retreading
  • Data issued of Regulation (CE) 1222/2009 « On the labelling of tyres with respect to fuel efficiency and other essential parameters »."


Marking scheme


The final grade is made up from criteria grouped into three categories: technical performance, performance-related labelling and services.

The criteria are the following:


  • Technical performance
  • Tyre casing value
  • Retreading
  • Regrooving
  • Performances linked to labelling
  • Rolling resistance labelling value
  • Braking on wet surface labelling value
  • M+S (for certain use and certain axles)
  • Type of sipes (for winter)
  • Services
  • Breakdown assistance by the brand
  • Offer of fleet management
  • Puncture service (only for mixed use)


Calculation method


A grade is given for each criteria cited below.

"Each factor is then weighted according to its importance. The level of the weighting of the criteria may be different

depending on the type of axle and type of use."

"The final grade is given as a rate out of 100, 100 being the best result."

"Tyres for off-road use, benefitting from the exception of labelling, are not graded."

We do not show the rating for a tyre for which we do not have more than 5 criteria noted.

Furthermore, due to the weights of certain performance-related uses, if a tyre is not graded on the performance of its primary purposes, then it will not noted.

e.g. If we do not have information on the "braking on wet surface" labelling criteria of a winter tyre, then this tyre will not have a rezulteo rating.


Version: April 2014