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Win a Limited Edition F1 Photo with Bridgestone!

Sport Published the 21/07/2011 by rezulteo

To celebrate their experience as Formula 1 tyre supplier, Bridgestone is launching a contest online. Participant could win a photo of a race printed on canvas, and framed.

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Bridgestone left the racing world last season, leaving their place to Pirelli, after 14 years of involvement with F1, in which 6 years they were the exclusive tyre supplier.  Their prize list is enlightening :  11 titles of World Champion drivers and constructors , 175 Grand Prix victories, 168 Pole Positions and 170 fastest lap. This deserves a well earned celebration !

To celebrate these years of passionate racing, Bridgestone has just launched a contest online called F1 Heritage. It's free and open to everyone, and there are 100 framed canvas photos up for grabs, all showing a race scene.

Don't wait to participate, the contest ends the 6th August 2011 

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