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Slick tyres: fully developed for competition

Sport Published the 29/07/2011 by Daniel

Developed for maximum grip, slick tyres are designed purely for racing. Like the semi-slick, it comes in several rubber qualities.

Slick Tyre Copyright © : Jean-Guillaume Thyere

Slick tyres are characterised by a perfectly smooth tread. The aim is to obtain maximum grip by increasing the area of the tyre’s surface in contact with the asphalt. Without grooves, this type of tyre is only used on dry tracks.

Like semi-slick tyres, slicks have compounds in their make-up which push back the limits of grip and resistance.

The different types of rubber
Slick tyres are available in several rubber qualities. Like for semi-slicks, the driver will choose the tyre hardness according to the driving conditions.

The lifespan of slick tyres
It is just as difficult to predict the lifespan of slick tyres as for semi-slicks. All that can be said is that it is longer, but usage can vary. Due to their high price, slick tyres are almost exclusively used for racing.

Other parameters also need to be considered. As for example adjustment of the axles: a vehicle with negative camber (slant from the top of the tyre towards the vehicle) will wear the tyres more on the inside.

Note: the wear indicator is a sort of hole on the tread of the slick.

Slick tyres



  • Exceptional road holding
  • Shorter braking distances
  • Very good endurance
  • Sidewall rigidity
  • Needs a second set of rims
  • High budget
  • Prohibited on the open road
  • Considerable stress on the axles and the body
  • Takes longer to heat up
  • Cannot be used on wet surfaces