Sporty and ultra performing tyres, tyres and competition - Pirelli SottoZero II, the world’s fastest tyre on ice!

Pirelli SottoZero II, the world’s fastest tyre on ice!

Sport Published the 02/03/2011

Bentley Continental Supersports have just entered the Guinness Book of Records by beating the ice world speed record. Driver Juha Kankkhunen reached a top speed of more than 330 kph on the Baltic sea.

Ice driving speed record with Bentley Continental Supersport Copyright © : All rights reserved

In order to beat the record, this powerful English convertible underwent minimal modifications. Some reworking on the front and rear spoilers to enhance airflow, a roll bar and not forgetting the bumper-mounted parachute to optimise deceleration.

From a mechanical point of view, the 6-litre, twin turbo, 12 cylinder convertible generates 621 horsepower, which is virtually identical to the standard model although it runs on biofuel.

The car is shod with Pirelli Winter 240 SottoZero II tyres to provide optimal grip in extreme conditions.

For the 4-time world rally champion driver, the task was a delicate one because of uneven terrain obliging him to display all his talents. The record attempt was held on a 70cm-thick layer of ice.

The top speed recorded was 330.70 kph!

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