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Pirelli: Formula 1 official tyre supplier for the next three years

Sport Published the 05/02/2014 by John

Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli has announced the renewal of its Formula 1 contract for the next three seasons.

Pirelli Tyre Formula 1 Pirelli returns to Formula 1 circuits for three more seasons! - Copyright © : Pirelli

A lasting partnership

In 2011, Pirelli took over from Bridgestone to become official tyre supplier for the Formula 1 World Championship. A prestigious partnership but also very risky since the demanding championship specifications, which require the relatively quick deterioration of tyres for the purpose of the show, can be tricky to manage in terms of brand image: for the past three years, there has been much controversy over the real efficiency of tyres, but Pirelli has always remained involved. However, a few months ago, the tyre manufacturer threatened organisers saying that they would quit Formula 1 if technical regulations did not progress towards more resistant tyres.


Three more seasons

A few days ago, Pirelli finally confirmed its desire to continue its involvement in Formula 1 by renewing its contract with the championship. Until the end of 2016 (at least), Pirelli tyres will continue to equip F1 cars. Don’t forget, Formula 1 technical regulations have changed considerably this year, with the introduction of new V6 turbo-charged engines replacing the V8 aspirated engine, as well as other important aerodynamic features. It remains to be seen whether these changes will have an impact on the parties involved and how tyres perform this season.