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Ordinary sports tyres: to get to grips with the track

Sport Published the 29/07/2011 by Daniel

Pleasant to drive, progressive, effective in the rain, the ordinary sports tyre is ideal for novices. However, if you drive aggressively, it will soon reach its limits.

Ordinary Sports Tyre Copyright © : Lorand JF

Even though it offers exceptional performance, an ordinary sports tyre remains able to cope with all driving situations on the road. It represents a balanced compromise between grip on dry surfaces, braking in the wet, rolling resistance and longevity.

The sports tyre is ideal for novices wanting to get to grips with the track. It is also suitable for those who want to progress with a tyre that is pleasant to drive and whose grip limit is easy to understand.

The main advantage of sports tyres: the budget. They are less expensive to buy than semi-slick tyres but with better longevity (if they are not pushed to the limit, of course!). Also, a second set of rims is not necessary, as they are suitable for both the road and the track.

Technically, sports tyres require almost no heating time: they offer natural handling from the first laps of the track, where slicks may be somewhat brutal.

Another significant advantage: sports tyres don’t damage the axles as much as semi-slicks or slicks. As the level of grip suits the architecture of the car, they don’t cause uneven wear on the bushings and overload the body.

Finally, sports tyres can be fun and relatively effective in the wet.

The downside is that sports tyres do not offer the same rigor or precision as slicks or semi-slicks on dry asphalt. Especially over the laps when they start to heat up. Then, grip may fall suddenly, leading to rapid wear of the tyre which can cause the tread to be stripped off.

Ordinary sports tyres



  • Reasonably priced
  • No need for a second set of rims
  • Progressive
  • Good performance in the rain
  • Saves the axles
  • Limited efficiency
  • Rapid wear if overheated