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Michelin: rumours of a return to Formula1

Sport Published the 26/04/2010

Rumours are going around of a possible return by Michelin to Formula1. The French manufacturer is said to be in talks with the FIA to return as a supplier to the competition in 2011.

Although Michelin is not denying these talks, its directors specify that they "have not made any decision but are closely following developments in regulations". What is sure, is that the Clermont firm is placing several conditions on its return to Formula1.

Namely, dropping of a single supplier and the competition principle, the move to 18-inch wheels instead of the current 13-inch ones and more environmentally-friendly regulations. Other indiscretions have filtered out of these talks such as the payment of 2 to 5 million Euros per team for the supply of tyres or the availability of free advertising space on the tracks.

So, 11 months from the start of the championship, everything is yet to play for and no one knows who of Khumo, Hankook or Michelin will be present on the Formula1 circuits next season. Unless the FIA decides to abandon the principle of the single supplier and allow several manufacturers to commence a new "battle" of rubber. Remember, Michelin left F1 at the end of 2006 when a single manufacturer, on this occasion Bridgestone, lined up on the starting line.