Sporty and ultra performing tyres, tyres and competition - Michelin and Porsche: hand-in-hand

Michelin and Porsche: hand-in-hand

Sport Published the 21/07/2010

A compromise of excellence by the two brands who are pooling their expertise. This is what brings Michelin and Porsche together in the marriage between the new Porsche Cayenne and the new range of tyres for this SUV.

Porsche Cayenne: Motor Show Geneva 2010

The brand names are Michelin Latitude Tour HP, Michelin Latitude Sport and Michelin Latitude Alpin. This is a made-to-measure tyre technology developed for the new Cayenne which claims higher performance, is more fuel-economical and less polluting.

This cooperation is nothing new, since the two brands have been working together since 1960, but it is undoubtedly a step forward towards the two-pronged objective of reconciling high performance with protection of the environment.

The performance balance is attained both on summer and winter tyres: the Latitude Tour HP at the same time provides perfect roadholding and low rolling resistance made possible by the new design of the carcass. Designed to limit generation of heat on the tread and the sidewalls, it provides a fuel savings of 0.2 to 0.4 litres every 100 km.

In the winter version, the Michelin Latitude Alpin very closely provides the same peformance as its summer counterpart. The Helio Compound rubber mixture contains, notably, sunflower oil which improves its performance on wet roads while optimising its handling on snow. The stated aim: to provide the driver, both in winter and in summer, with the same driving pleasure, the right level of comfort without penalising safety and fuel consumption.

And the Michelin Latitude Alpin comes out of it quite well, tests have confirmed this. Braking distance is shorter on slippery roads; it makes for precise trajectories on snow-covered surfaces and makes the most of the power output of the new Porsche Cayenne. The potential is also well-exploited by the Michelin Latitude Sportwhich handles the difficult package in view of the constraints relating to this type of vehicle, particularly its weight, by offering a high-speed handling performance comparable to that of the fastest saloon cars on the market.

More than just words, a test-drive will convince you, as the new Porsche Cayenne is available at all good Porsche distributors.

Tyre sizes for the new Porsche Cayenne 

- MICHELIN Latitude Tour HP ‘Green X’

255/55 R 18 109 V Extra Load N1 265/50 R 19 110 V Extra Load N0

- MICHELIN Latitude Sport

255/55 R 18 109 Y Extra Load N1 275/45 R 20 110 Y Extra Load N0 295/35 R 21 107 Y Extra Load N1

- MICHELIN Latitude Alpin ‘Green X’

255/55 R18 109V Extra Load N1