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Jaguar : Feline revolution

Sport Published the 18/12/2009 by Laurent

After 41 years of status quo, Jaguar has come up with a revolutionary new XJ. Even if classic looks characterize this feline make, the clientele were expecting as many changes in exterior design as in the interior.

Jaguar XJ au salon de Francfort

So it’s a done deal as this new XJ proves with its rather muscular bonnet, its wide   front grill and its finely designed rear lights. The real new features are hidden mainly in the interior with its dash board which has a tactile HD touch screen which enables the driver to control all the different functions on the car. There’s a phosphoric blue interior display, 4 different finishes and a panoramic sun roof.

Built with an aluminium chassis, it is more rigid and lighter. The Jaguar XJ does 7litres/100km and 184g of CO2/km. It should be available in the beginning of 2010 and starts at €60,000.

The Jaguar XJ comes with Pirelli