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IRC: Video: Michelin returns to Monte-Carlo.

Sport Published the 04/02/2011

For Michelin, the 2011 Monte Carlo Rally felt like a bit of a revival. The company hadn’t officially participated in the race since 2005.

Michelin at rallye of Monte-Carlo in 2011 Copyright © : Michelin

Changing weather conditions did nothing to dampen the reputation of this legendary event, currently celebrating its centennial year. Indeed, certain participants were delighted by it.

The unmerciful combat took place through the Ardèche, the Vercors, and the Nice countryside.  Juho Hanninen, Bryan Bouffier, François Delecour and the others threw themselves into the race, where Bouffier was the quickest and took first place.
Not only were Michelin tyres used by the top 10 overall winners, but they also filled the top five places in the two-wheel drive category.