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High-performance according to Michelin

Sport Published the 19/07/2011 by rezulteo

Last weekend, the manufacturer invited the international press to the Estoril track in Portugal for the Michelin Pilot Performance Days. This prestigious event was designed to demonstrate the strength of their commitment to high performance. For the occasion, Michelin lined up 50 sports cars totalling 20 000 horsepower on the track: amazing!

Michelin Pilot Performance Days 2011 Copyright © : Michelin

Just imagine: 50 exceptional sports cars lined up on the asphalt of the Estoril track, a few kilometres from Lisbon, for 12 hours of tests and baptisms! To ensure a successful demonstration, Michelin surrounded itself with cars of the first order:

  • Gumpert Apollo,
  • Porsche GT3 Cup,
  • Audi R8 V10,
  • Audi TTRS MTM,
  • Wiesmann,
  • Ferrari 458 Italia,
  • KTM X-Bow, Nissan
  • GT-R
  • and a few other dream cars...

All obviously fitted with tyres from the Pilot Sport range: Pilot Sport PS2Pilot Super Sport and Pilot Sport Cup.

The goal of so much horsepower? To recall the close ties between the maker of sports tyres and tuners, and to highlight the results of research and development work into everyday car tyres.

We will be sharing the exceptional test conditions with you in a series of articles to be published in the Sports section of the site. Here’s the programme.

Oversized tyres: aesthetic or performance?

Numerous vehicles were fitted with optional oversized tyres. Often considered aesthetic, this optimisation can also have positive effects on dynamic handling. Demonstration with an Audi TT RS. 

Michelin, historic partner in customisation 

Numerous tuners such as Novidem, Alpina, MTM, Ac Schnitzer were present at the Michelin Pilot Performance Days... this was an opportunity for Michelin to promote its collaboration with brands synonymous with performance and customisation, and to highlight the importance of tyres in the vehicle optimisation process.

Motor sports, a laboratory for the standard tyre

Michelin engineers explain firmly how their commitment to racing contributes to the constant improvement of everyday car tyres.