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Formule1: Pirelli joins the dance

Sport Published the 19/05/2010

Through its president, Marco Tronchetti, Pirelli has confirmed its interest in possible participation in the Formula1 Championship. A highly nuanced declaration, coming with several conditions and a feasibility study.

The saga of the manufacturers has not finished producing upsets. After Kumho, Hankook and Michelin, it is now Pirelli's turn to envisage possible participation in the competition. Yet the Italian manufacturer is posing several conditions to any collaboration, in particular enlarging the size of the tyres and a remuneration in exchange for their supply. These demands were already made last month by Michelin. The only major difference is Pirelli's strong desire to be the exclusive supplier to Formula1, whereas the French manufacturer is conditioning participation on the existence of true competition. To complicated things further, Cooper-Avon is on the horizon and could become a serious candidate. The American manufacturer already supplies tyres for several series throughout the world including the Formula2 and Formula3 championships.

This thrilling saga could, it is said in the more well-informed circles, come to an end at the next Grand Prix in Barcelona to be held on 9th May.