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Formule1 : Bridgestone firm and definitive

Sport Published the 31/03/2010 by Laurent

Bridgestone will leave Formula1 at the end of the 2010 season. The announcement made by the director of the sports division puts an end to the rumours of the Japanese manufacturer’s possible return to F1.

Pneu F1 de Bridgestone

The advantageous conditions offered Bridgestone by FIA directors (International Automobile Federation) were not sufficient to convince the manufacturer. Hiroshi Yasukawa, the head of the sports division, has just confirmed that the brand will not be changing its mind. Except for a couple of second-line manufacturers, nobody wishes to join F1 as a unique supplier. It remains up to the FIA to prepare its call for tender to find one or more new partners. Currently, only two manufacturers may be interested in the offer, the Koreans Hankook and Kumho.