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F1 – Turkish Grand Prix: the number of pitstops called into question

Sport Published the 20/05/2011

The Turkish Grand Prix was a race of undeniable intensity. The fast pace was punctuated by 81 pitstops, or on average 4 stops per car. This was too high for some observers.

Picture of Pirelli tyre for Formula 1 Copyright © : rezulteo

The fourth part of the season was full of upsets. As well as Sébastian Vettel's extraordinary performance, the return of Fernando Alonso to the limelight is also to be noted.

With regards to tyres, most teams seem to have got used to the characteristics of the Pirelli tyres. Endurance, feeling and performance would seem to have been assimilated by the drivers, who made no specific comments concerning the tyres. Yet the never-ending 8th corner and the incredible stresses it causes was a point that could have caused problems for the Pirelli tyres.

Some observers did underline that the lack of endurance of the Pirelli tyres was the reason for too many pitstops. Scuderia Ferrari pointed out the potential danger of such comings and goings in the stands by insisting on the fact that not all tracks have sufficient infrastructures to absorb that kind of traffic and maintain a high level of safety.

For the spectators, it was rather hard to follow, and the speedy changes in the overall rankings did cause some confusion, albeit in a highly gripping race.