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F1 – Singapore Grand Prix: A spectacular race

Sport Published the 29/09/2011 by Jack

Announced as a difficult race, the Singapore Grand Prix lived up to expectations. On-track battles, overtaking, and turnarounds: All the ingredients were there for a spectacular race. Let’s look back on a race where tyres played a key role.

Grand Prix de Singapour 2011 Copyright © : Pirelli

Paul Hembery is happy:  Once again, the Pirelli tyres put on a superb performance. “This was one of the most complicated races strategy-wise” said Pirelli’s motorsport director.  "We saw a wide variety of tactics employed by all the teams.” Indeed, the difference of around 1 second per lap between soft tyres and supersoft tyres resulted in an awesome race and many overtaking opportunities. 

Once again, Sebastian Vettel came out on top. With a first class strategy, the young champion drove a fantastic race, perfectly managing his tyres.  Vettel, is now within one point of winning the world championship.

Other race highlights include the on-track incident between Hamilton and Massa which ended with a heated post race exchange between the drivers caught on camera. Neither did the impressively controlled race driven by Force India’s Paul di Resta go unnoticed. Unlike most drivers, the young Scot started the race with soft tyres, coming in after 19 laps to switch to supersoft tyres. 10 laps later he came in for his second stop finishing the race on soft tyres. The first of the two-stop drivers, this winning strategy secured Paul di Resta the best result of his career with him finishing sixth.