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F1: Pirelli puts some colour in its tyres

Sport Published the 25/03/2011

Just a few days ahead of the first grand prix of the season, Pirelli presents a system used to distinguish the various tyres used in the 2011 Formula 1 championships.

Pirelli tyre for Formula 1

We already know that Pirelli has been envisaging marking its various tyres using colour coding for a while. This has just been confirmed:

Hard: silver

Medium: white

Soft: yellow

Supersoft: red

Intermediary: light blue

Wet: Orange

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In accordance with sports reglulations, two sorts of tyres will be used for each race. For the first 3 grand Prix (Australia, Malaysia and China) drivers will be using red and silver tyres.

This is a solution that will make logistics easier for the race teams, but above all will make it easier for spectators to understand the various race strategies, by being able to identify the tyres fitted to the cars.