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F1 – Korean Grand Prix: A challenge for Pirelli’s soft tyres

Sport Published the 25/10/2011 by Daniel

A few days after Vettel’s triumph in Japan; the F1 world heads to Korea. To compete on the demanding Yeongam circuit, drivers will have to choose between soft and supersoft tyres. This is a bold move from Pirelli, who recognises that this race will be challenging for its soft tyres.

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Reputedly tough and demanding, the Yeongam circuit was approved by the FIA in 2010. This circuit, with its numerous tight and off-camber corners, is technically demanding for drivers. The abrasive surface and variable quality of the circuit (part of the track is open to traffic when not used for races) wears tyres quickly.

With this in mind, Pirelli opted to provide teams with soft tyres only:  The PZero yellow soft tyre and the Pzero red supersoft tyre. A radical choice considering that, on this circuit, tyres are subjected to the highest lateral loads of the championship. For Paul Hembery, Pirelli’s motorsport director, this is “the toughest test of the year” for supersoft tyres. He expects a higher number of pit stops than usual from drivers.

Once again the race will be played out on the asphalt and in the stands. Drivers may have to contend with rain, which might change everything.