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F1: China Grand Prix: Recognition for Pirelli

Sport Published the 03/05/2011

While some drivers have called into question the characteristics of Pirelli tyres since the start of the trials, the 2011 China Grand Prix has evaporated any doubts as to their beneficial effects on the championship. F1 is exciting again, halleluiah!

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Since the start of the 2011 championship, Pirelli tyres have been at the heart of a debate. Following a positive performance in Australia, another more mitigated in Malaysia due to the considerable rubber deposits on the track, everything has been forgotten after the latest grand prix.

An exhilarating race dictated by the race strategies (2 or 3 pitstops), but also by the behaviour and deterioration of the tyres. First place changed hands 8 times, with the final victory going to Hamilton ahead of Vettel. There were also some quite incredible rank upsets, such as Webber who jumped from 18th to 3rd place.

All observers agreed on the benefit brought by the new tyres, and at Pirelli lucidity is the order of the day, stating that it will be difficult to do better at the next grand prix.

The Turkish grand prix takes place on 8th May.