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F1: Bridgestone bows out

Sport Published the 11/01/2010

The Japanese tyre manufacturer, who has been an official supplier to Formula 1 since 2007, announced it is bowing out of the Formula One World Championship at the end of the 2010 season.

In a press release, the Group recognizes its enhanced reputation thanks to F1 but states that the company will be focusing on new technologies and new products. Bridgestone started out in Formula 1 in 1997 before obtaining a monopoly ten years later as a result of Michelin's early withdrawal at the of the 2006 season. Following on from Michelin and Goodyear, Pirelli categorically denied it was returning to Formula 1, "preferring to focus on manufacturing tyres for racing but used on-road". The still recent crisis that has affected the automobile sector will not be encouraging tyre manufacturers to go it alone in competition racing. A situation similar to the one prior to 2007 may emerge, when several suppliers inhabited the field together.