Motor shows and events - Michelin unveils the Energy Saver + at the Reifen Essen Exhibition

Michelin unveils the Energy Saver + at the Reifen Essen Exhibition

Events Published the 12/06/2012 by Daniel

Launched in 2008, the Michelin Energy Saver is one of the world’s best selling tyres, across all ranges. Tyre manufacturer Michelin chose the international tyre fair, held in Essen, Germany to unveil its successor: The Energy Saver +. With this new tyre, Michelin is promising more safety, increased longevity and fuel savings. More information will be available soon since the Energy Saver + will be officially presented in Sweden in the next few days.

michelin energy saver + tyre photo Copyright © : © rezulteo

All tyre specialists are waiting for the successor of the Michelin Energy Saver, one of the brand’s flagship tyres. So far, very little information has filtered. The veil was finally lifted at Essen, Germany when the international tyre fair opened its doors on 5th June.

Designed to equip the main vehicle segments, Michelin has provided some information about this new tyre’s performance ratings.

The official presentation will take place soon in Sweden.

The presentation date for the Energy Saver + has not been chosen at random.  Since 1st June, tyre manufacturers are authorised to provide information on their tyre’s performance in accordance with criteria set out by European Regulations within the scope of mandatory tyre labelling. Remember, this measure will provide consumers with consistent information concerning the three tyre performance attributes: Energy efficiency, wet braking and rolling noise.


Given the Energy Saver’s main strengths are energy efficiency and safety, Michelin wants to prove that with the Energy Saver + it can push its products limits even further. Anticipating tyre labelling, which comes into force in November 2012, the tyre manufacturer used the Essen exhibition to present the ratings its new tyre will display in sales outlets this autumn:

Michelin Energy Saver + performance labelCopyright © : © rezulteo

  • Energy efficiency (contribution to fuel consumption) : B to C depending on tyre dimensions;
  • Wet road safety: A;
  • External rolling noise: 68 to 70 db depending on tyre dimensions, level 2 (in line with the future limit).


Michelin Energy Saver + tread photoCopyright © : © rezulteo

  • An improved tread design: The footprint (contact area with the ground) has been increased by 10% compared with the Energy Saver to provide more grip.
  • A new rubber compound:  The Eco-Grip Compound provides better molecular interaction (therefore reduced heating), which results in fuel savings and a longer service life (28 000 miles on average)
  • A rubber under-layer: This innovation lowers the rolling resistance and therefore reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Michelin reports that 60 litres of fuel are saved over the tyre’s service life compared with the Energy Saver.


The full range of tyre dimensions is not known yet. The Michelin Energy Saver + will be available for 14” to 16” rims with sidewalls ranging from 50 to 70 and T, H and V speed ratings.