Know the Semperit tyre better. To know more about the origins and history.

Semperit information

Semperit’s headquarters are located in Hanover, Germany and belongs to Continental Company.


Important dates : 

1850: First rubber factory in Europe, opened in Austria.

1896:  The Miskolczy & Co. company was founded in Traiskirchen, Austria.

1900:  The Company began to make car tyres.

1906:  Miskolzy & Co. was renamed Semperit from Latin’s « semper it ».

1984: Semperit Reifen (tyre division) split from Semperit AG.

1985: Semperit Reifen was bought out by Continental.


Semperit manufactures tyres for cars, vans, and trucks.

Competition / sports sponsorship

  • Semperit tyre brand is one of the official sponsors of the Austrian ski team.