Tyres and security on the road - Coming soon: Tyre Safety Month 2013

Coming soon: Tyre Safety Month 2013

Security Published the 30/08/2013 by John

It’s obvious: Tyres play a critical role and should not be neglected when maintaining your car. Tyre maintenance is vital, and the Tyre Safety Month 2013 is there to remind you.

Tyre Safety Month 2013 pressure Tyre Safety Month 2013, the UK safety campaign will run throughout the month of October - Copyright © : All rights reserved

Each year, the TyreSafe organisation is back with the Tyre Safety Month. In 2013, a major campaign will be launched once again in October (1st to 31st), to raise awareness amongst drivers throughout the country on the importance of tyres.

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As such, TyreSafe invites all road safety professionals to sign up to receive free campaign material for local distribution and organise activities to raise awareness on the dangers of tyre neglect on the road. 

Through this campaign, supplemented by new videos, TyreSafe wants to encourage British drivers to check their tyre pressures at least once a month. To do this, all advantages with regards sufficient maintenance of tyres are underlined: Safety of course, but also how the correct pressure helps reduce tyre costs; the impact on tyre life and on fuel consumption.

A recent study conducted across Europe, shows that 78% of motorists drive with under-inflated tyres and more than a quarter of them drive with tyre pressures that are so low that their tyres become dangerous. This shows that a lot of work still needs to be done to raise public awareness.