Tyres and security on the road - 80% of European motorists drive with under-inflated tyres

80% of European motorists drive with under-inflated tyres

Security Published the 28/05/2013 by Charlotte

Bridgestone has announced these alarming figures based on the results of its 8th tyre safety check campaign conducted in western European countries. 25% of motorists drive on tyres worn beyond the legal limit. According to the tyre manufacturer, this is a result of the economic crisis. In any case, this negligence is responsible for a large number of accidents as well as litres of wasted fuel and increased CO2 emissions.

Tyre maintenance – under-inflated tyres According to Bridgestone, 80% of European motorists drive with under-inflated tyres. - Copyright © : Bridgestone


As every year, Bridgestone has drawn conclusions from the regular tyre safety checks carried out in various Western European countries.  The conclusions are alarming, to say the least. Of the 28,000 tyre safety checks carried out in 2012, 78% of motorists were found to drive with under-inflated tyres, compared with 63% in 2011, an increase of almost 25%.



A result of the economic crisis, according to Bridgestone.

Tyre safety checks performed by BridgestoneCopyright © : Bridgestone
But that’s not all: Tyre safety checks have also revealed that a quarter of motorists drive on tyres worn beyond the legal limit, compared with 20% in 2011, i.e. an increase of 25%. Those in charge of the survey believe this change is the result of the declining purchasing power caused by the economic crisis. To cut costs, consumers are tempted to put off buying new tyres. For the same reasons, drivers use their car less often and also check the state of their tyres less often, especially tyre pressure.


The cause of more than 150,000 accidents in Europe.

This situation is a cause of concern for the tyre manufacturer who warns that under-inflated or worn tyres are both dangerous and costly.  Indeed, the poor state of tyres accounts for 153,000 accidents in Europe and are directly responsible for 6% of fatal road accidents. It is known that an under-inflated tyre has an impact on handling, stability and braking. As a result, braking distances increase and the risk of aquaplaning is higher when it rains. And, even more so for worn tyres …


Almost 4 billion litres of wasted fuel

Poor tyre maintenance results in additional costs for motorists and society as a whole. According to Bridgestone, a tyre whose air content is 0.5 bar below the manufacturer’s recommended pressure increases fuel consumption by 2.4%. In total, the tyre manufacturer estimates that under-inflated tyres accounts for 3.9 billions litres of fuel wasted per year and adds 9.2 million tonnes of C02 emissions.


The rule: Check the state of your tyres once a month

These worrying conclusions present the opportunity to remind drivers to check the state and pressure of their tyres once a month. The manufacturer’s recommended pressure can be found in the vehicle handbook.  It is also indicated on the driver’s door pillar or inside the fuel cap.


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