Regulations about fitting tyres and the use of tyres - Reminder of winter tyre regulations in Great Britain

Reminder of winter tyre regulations in Great Britain

Regulations and Safety Published the 06/11/2013 by Rezulteo

Summer is finally behind us and winter is fast approaching. Before the cold weather sets in, here is an overview of what tyre equipment British drivers require to handle winter conditions.

Winter regulations road sign Winter tyres are not mandatory in Great Britain: Reminder of the country’s current legislation - Copyright © :

No specific requirements

Like Ireland, winter tyres are not required in Great Britain when temperatures fall and snow showers are possible. However, it is recommended to fit this type of tyre in winter for efficiency and safety reasons. Not only do winter tyres provide more traction on snow or ice, they are the only tyres that ensure a safe drive in extremely cold conditions. It is better to fit four winter tyres as soon as the cold sets in, and replace them with summer tyres as soon as temperatures rise (take care not to use winter tyres in summer since they will wear quickly). However, this is not a legal requirement.


Chains and studs allowed, subject to conditions

In Great Britain, snow chains can be used on cars, but only when the road is covered with snow or ice. Otherwise, they may damage the tarmac. Make sure they are fitted as and when required.

The same is true for studded tyres; they can only be used when the bitumen is covered with snow or ice. In principle, it is prohibited to drive on snow free roads with studded tyres; as such, their use appears to be very limited.

And don’t forget, if you are going on holiday, winter legislation can vary greatly from one country to another, particularly in Western Europe. The rules for these countries can be found in our guide.