Winter tyres: advice for safe driving - Winter tyres mandatory in Luxembourg

Winter tyres mandatory in Luxembourg

Winter tyres Published the 13/11/2012 by Charlotte

Winter tyres are now mandatory in Luxembourg. The Grand Duchy harmonises its regulations with those adopted by Germany in 2010. These regulations apply to residents as well as trans-border drivers and passing motorists.

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Luxembourg has just joined the small circle of European countries where it is mandatory to fit winter tyres during the winter season.  Or, to be more specific, during winter weather conditions, i.e. “ice, packed snow, slush, black icy or frost”.

The Luxembourg regulation is based on the regulation adopted by Germany in 2010, whose performance evaluation convinced the Grand-Ducal Government.

The new regulation came into force on 1st October 2012 and applies to all cars being driven on Luxembourg roads, “irrespective of the country in which the vehicle is registered”.  This regulation therefore applies to residents, trans-border drivers and passing motorists. Offenders will face a fine of 74€.

This requirement is lessened for heavy goods vehicles, buses and coaches: they may circulate if all drive axles are fitted with winter tyres.

The requirement does not apply to two-wheeled vehicles (mopeds, motorcycles), tricycles and quadricycles, nor tractors or self-propelled machines.

Finally, the Luxembourg Government states “that in the event of winter conditions, unequipped vehicles parked on public roads will not be fined”.