Winter tyres: advice for safe driving - Winter tyres for sports cars

Winter tyres for sports cars

Winter tyres Published the 14/01/2013 by Hannah

With a high power/weight ratio, a sports car of the type GT or Super Car more than most need safe and efficient tyres on winter surfaces. To meet the specific features of this type of car, manufacturers have developed high-performance winter tyres. A selection by rezulteo.

Green Lotus Elise in the snow - Copyright : The Pug Father Copyright © : Flickr : The Pug Father

Tyres for sports cars offer remarkable performance on dry and temperate surfaces. However, on cold, wet surfaces, they become quite mediocre. For this reason, it is essential to fit special winter tyres to this type of car.

These high-performance winter tyres must provide irreproachable handling both in traction, to prevent slipping on acceleration, and in braking on wet, snow-covered and icy roads. At the same time, they must ensure acceptable handling in the dry. A real challenge!

Perfectly controlled braking

This type of tyre features very stiff central tread blocks and high density siping. Such configuration limits the deformation of the tyre and increases the number of contact edges, which enhances grip.

High-performance winter tyres also have several central circumferential grooves used to rapidly evacuate water and slush.

Excellent traction

Traction performances are linked to the stiffness of the shoulder blocks and the number of sipes in the tread. High-density siping thus provides good traction in the snow. 

Most high-performance winter tyres have an asymmetrical tread pattern, synonymous with optimal efficiency in all driving situations.

Continental ContiWinterContact TS810 Sport Copyright © : rezulteo

A selection by rezulteo

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