Winter tyres: advice for safe driving - Track'N'Go: Forget winter tyres and snow chains

Track'N'Go: Forget winter tyres and snow chains

Winter tyres Published the 18/02/2014 by Leigh

Winter tyres, chains or snow socks… you thought you knew all the solutions to drive on snowy surfaces? We are going to introduce you to Track'N'Go. This incredible concept converts a vehicle into a real snow groomer, allowing it to drive off-road.

Track'N'Go System Track'N'Go, a surprising concept to face off-road snow - Copyright © : AD Boivin

The Track'N'Go concept has been designed by AD Boivin, a company specialising in products for the motorsports industry and for utility vehicles on snow.

A concept designed to fit each tyre with a track system powered by the rotation of your vehicle's wheels. This system, sold at the price of $25,000, is suitable for most large 4x4 vehicles equipped with a permanent all-wheel drive and a big engine. Better than a thousand words, please enjoy the Track'N'Go demonstration video (fascinating).