Winter tyres: advice for safe driving - Summer Tyres versus Winter Tyres: Comparing Acceleration On The Snow

Summer tyres versus winter tyres: comparing acceleration on the snow

Winter tyres Published the 16/12/2015 by John

If you have to drive on snow and you have not yet fitted your winter tyres, here is a video that compares summer and winter tyres on snow that should finally convince you.

Video of a Michelin tyre test Between summer and winter tyres, which one wins the acceleration test on a snow covered slope? - Copyright © : rezulteo

In this article, we have shown you the importance of driving with 4 alpine tyres on snowy surfaces. Today, we invite you to compare the acceleration between two BMW 1-Series. The first is fitted with winter tyres (Michelin Alpin 4) and its rival summer tyre (Michelin Primacy 3), size 205 55R16.

These tyres were confronted on a slight, snow-covered slope. The objective was to assess the climbing ability of both vehicles at low speed (in 1st gear).

You will discover the difference in grip between these two tyre categories: