Winter tyres: advice for safe driving - Insurers will no longer penalise winter tyres

Insurers will no longer penalise winter tyres

Winter tyres Published the 03/11/2011 by Daniel

Good news: Fitting winter tyres to your car will not increase your insurance premium. That’s what the main insurance companies have told Autocar.

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Until now, motorists who fitted winter tyres to their vehicle were obliged to tell their insurer. Insurance companies generally charged up to 20% more for the insurance premium, or even refused to cover the vehicle on the pretext that fitting winter tyres modified the characteristics specified by the car manufacturer.  As a result, many motorists were put off fitting winter tyres. An absurd situation pointed out by the Automobile Association (AA).

Contacted by Autocar, seven main insurance companies – AA, Churchill, Co-operative, Direct Line, Esure, Liverpool Victoria and RBS – have reviewed their position.  Insurers now consider that winter tyres are an asset in terms of safety and that the vehicle's characteristics are not modified.

As a result, insurance premiums will not rise and motorists no longer need to tell their insurer if they fit winter tyres.  But insurance companies have no intention of awarding a bonus to policyholders who fit their vehicle with winter tyres. 

Insurers point out that to respect the contract, tyres must be fitted to all four wheels and comply with the dimensions specified by the car manufacturer.

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