Winter tyres: advice for safe driving - Here’s why you should fit four winter tyres

Here’s why you should fit four winter tyres

Winter tyres Published the 05/12/2013 by John

With the arrival of winter, drivers are often asking if two winter tyres are enough or whether they should fit four winter tyres to their vehicle for more safety. Here’s the answer in video…

Image to play the winter tyre video Watch and see why it’s better to fit your car with four winter tyres! - Copyright © : Michelin-Rezulteo

Is it possible to only fit two winter tyres at the front? Athough many drivers adopt this type of fitment, it is not without danger. By only fitting 2 winter tyres at the front of your vehicle, you run the risk of causing irregular handling characteristics: Sudden loss of grip, lack of precision, poor grip…

We will show you a video of the consequences of fitting a mix of summer and winter tyres through a test conducted on the Val d'Isere track: On board of a Megane 3 fitted with Michelin Alpin 4 winter tyres on the front and Michelin Primacy 3 summer tyres on the rear. In these conditions, the car is uncontrollable in snow.