Winter tyres: advice for safe driving - Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your winter tyres!

Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your winter tyres!

Winter tyres Published the 19/10/2012 by Harry

Have you decided to fit or replace your winter tyres this year? Don’t wait until the last minute. By purchasing them in early autumn, you’ll have more choice and you’ll pay less.

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Every year it’s the same story. When the first snow falls, roads become a trap for drivers still using summer tyres. As a result, they rush out to buy winter tyres: Retailers are sold out within days and prices soar….

To avoid this disastrous scenario, all you have to do is an-ti-ci-pate! Car centres and tyre retailers switch to winter time at the beginning of autumn. Most major retailers advertise special offers to trigger sales.

Don’t miss out on this chance. Right now, you can choose from a wide range of brands and models. This will not necessarily be the case at the height of the season. Also, prices will soar from mid-November.

Finally, don’t forget, winter tyres are not only useful in snow. They offer a much safer drive as soon as the average temperature falls below 7°C.