Winter tyres: advice for safe driving - Bridgestone winter tyre prototype test: Promising performances

Bridgestone winter tyre prototype test: Promising performances

Winter tyres Published the 16/04/2012 by Daniel

Lateral grip, traction, braking: In all tests, the prototype presented by Bridgestone was better than the Blizzak LM30, one of its winter tyre range flagships. An enlightening demonstration of Bridgestone’s expertise.

test at the Swedish Proving Ground Bridgestone Copyright © : Bridgestone

To give us a preview of its forthcoming winter products, Bridgestone allowed us to test one of its prototypes and compare it with the Blizzak LM30, one of the brand’s safe performers. To vary driving sensations, Bridgestone proposed several workshops:

A twisty high-speed track, slaloming on an icy track, a hill track…  Here are our conclusions of this test.

Lateral grip:

We found a significant gain in grip during the test on the high-speed circuit with its sloping corners.

Same observation on the hill track: The prototype allows us to drive faster and gives greater peace of mind. There is a marked improvement in directional ability: Better control when changing direction, with reduced under and over-steering (loss of front and rear grip).

Traction: Only a studded tyre can deliver good traction on bare ice. Nevertheless, in this exercise, the prototype was quite acceptable.

Braking: With the prototype tyre, on ice as well as on fresh or packed snow, braking distances are considerably reduced while maintaining better directional ability than the LM-30.

Assessment: Bridgestone engineers have shown us that they have some convincing arguments. It remains to be seen whether this prototype, optimised for its winter qualities, achieves the desired performance balance … 

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